The Best VPNs for Spain

There is a myriad of things that Spain is known for. It is a land of sun and culture, of spice and sport. One of the things that it is not known for, yet it is an integral part of the community and culture, especially over recent years, is the internet.

You see, a recent study conducted by the World Bank concluded that over 96 percent of Spain’s households have access to the internet and that 2 out of every 5 people in the country spend more than three hours on it.

With such widespread internet use, one may assume that the internet providers in the area are good, but that is not truly the case. As is the case with many other countries and regions in the world, you can speed up and access more content on the internet via a VPN.

The Best VPN For Spain

An overview of Spain

Before deciding on the VPN you want to use in Spain, you have to consider a couple of things. The following information is essential in ensuring that you have the necessary information to select the proper VPN.

Jurisdiction Requirements
Political Culture Parliamentary monarchy
Main IT hub location Madrid
Data Protection Registration Not required
Data protection officers’ appointment       Required
Data transfer to 3rd party disclosure Consent Required
Unlawful disclosure of sensitive information

Fines of up to 4% of annual worldwide

Turnover, or EUR 20 million, whichever is higher).

Breach notice obligations Not later than 72 hours after having become aware of it
VPN allowance Allowed
Downloading copyrighted content Not legal

Detailed Overview of the Best VPN for Spain

Surfshark is one of, if not the, most effective VPNs in Spain at the moment. The VPN has over 3200 servers in over 65 countries, with Spain being one of them.  The plethora of servers is an assurance that you will have better quality service.

Safe and unlimited

Perhaps the biggest upside of getting Surfshark is that you will be able to use it on an unlimited number of devices. With just one account, you will use the VPN on all the devices you need. We have found that most Surfshark users in Spain only register between five and ten devices, which is not a lot. However, the peace of mind that you have to add another device without any fuss is what is so appealing about this particular VPN.

Of course, it would be useless to have a VPN with unlimited devices but it is not compatible with their operating system. Thus, we carried out a couple of tests to try and ascertain whether the VPN is compatible with the main operating systems in the market.

Our results were pretty conclusive; Surfshark boasts an expansive coverage when it comes to OS’s. It can work with Windows, iOS, Android on the phone, Android TV, and Linux. Therefore, you can rest assured that Surfshark will be able to integrate with any Operating system once purchased. As a result of its compatibility with other devices and operating systems, it is the best for streaming.

Variety of servers

As mentioned earlier, Surfshark has a lot of servers, especially in Europe. This gives users a lot of options. Surfshark, we found, if you don’t mind, will choose a location for you and connect your device automatically to the fastest route possible.

If you have a particular location in mind, as is most often the case, you can simply select the said place, and the VPN will do the rest without any fuss. Surfshark will give you an idea, by visualizing it, of the workload on that particular server you want to select. The empty circle represents no workload, and a full circle means that the server is running at full capacity. This way, you will be able to find a server that works for you.

Decent speed test results – Even though it’s not the fastest r than other VPS, we found that it is not as fast as other VPN in Spain. This isn’t to say that it is slow, far from it. Average and above-average speed is ubiquitous to Surfshark.

Great support

Of course, an important aspect of VPN service providers is customer support. If you want help and support, there are a couple of ways you can go about it. The VPN website has a help and support section, where you can simply input your burning question, and the search engine will provide all the relevant answers. Moreover, you can also send an email to their headquarters.

We found that the response time was fast if you sent an email, and the issue is sorted almost immediately. There is also a chatbox on the VPN’s site, where a support member will meet all your needs with friendly, polite, and concise answers.

Cheap cost –  we mentioned earlier that Surfshark’s prices are some of the best around. Even though this is true, you have to subscribe to the VPN for more than 24 months, which is 2 years, for you to be able to unlock the very low prices.

As perfect as it may seem, we found a couple of issues with this particular VPN.

Browser extension – Even though the VPN is compatible with most browsers, we found that the browser extensions do not have the same full range of features as the standard version of the VPN. Features such as KillSwitch and CleanWeb do not work at all on browser extensions.  This may not seem like a big issue, but it may be irksome, as you want to use everything you pay for.

We found that in Spain, the best VPN to use when you are using devices that have Android as the operating system is NordVPN. This is not to say that the VPN doesn’t function just as well with other operating systems. Quite the contrary. NordVPN is one of the fastest VPNs in Spain.

Security and Privacy

NordVPN is incorporated in and works under the legal jurisdiction of Panama, even though it has offices in other regions, including Spain. This is very important for security and privacy since the company has stated that were it to be subpoenaed, it would only respond to court orders or subpoenas from a Panamanian Court.

In 2019, the VPN was subject to an attack on one of its servers. Though it has been stated publicly that there is no evidence that the attacker obtained anything significant, this breach has caused a loss of trust for the safety and security of people’s information.

NordVPN never keeps logs.

Since the VPN is Panamanian-based, and the law does not require that a VPN hold data over a long period, you can rest assured that the VPN will never keep your logs and the sites you have visited.

Servers and location

NordVPN has servers in 59 countries, Spain included. This ensures that good geographical diversity is delivered. Recently, the VPN added several 10Gbps servers to its already impressive fleet so as the needs of the clientele are met when the 5G service begins to roll out.

The number of servers in Spain – The VPN has over 60 servers in Spain, meaning you will have a wide variety to choose from. What’s is more, due to the huge number of serves, you can be assured that there will never be too much traffic on one particular one and that it will always offer fast speeds.

Effectively unblocks geo-restriction.

A plethora of websites and streaming services have geo-restrictions, and this can be a huge hindrance if you are looking for specific data or simply what to stream something. NordVPN is more than able to cater to this.

All you have to do is choose the server to which you want to be routed, and the VPN will do the rest in no time at all. You have a wide selection of counties and regions to choose from, from the US to Europe and even Asia.

Inexpensive cost

To acquire the services of NordVPN, you will have to pay 12 dollars every month, or 119 dollars annually. Other plans come with offers. You can get the two-year plan for 89 dollars, but the price will revert to 119 dollars per annum on the subscription renewal.

Value for your money?

So, what is it exactly that you get when you subscribe to NordVPN?

First is the number of devices you can use with one account. NordVPN allows for up to six devices to use its services simultaneously. This means that you can have as many devices with one account, but only six of them can use the VPN at a go.

You can use it on almost any internet-enabled device

The VPN can be configured into any internet-enabled device and used on any major operating system.

No free version – The VPN does not have a free version, and thus you will have to pay first to know what you are paying for.

It collects advertising IDs on the mobile version – The VPN collects adverting IDs on the mobile version to make it easy for advertisers to identify you uniquely. This may not be a huge issue, but it does touch a little bit on privacy.

When using Proton, you are certain that the web traffic is a hundred percent encrypted. The VPN, which is based in Geneva, has over 1300 servers in 55 countries. What we found to be so appealing about this particular VPN was that it has network servers in privacy-friendly counties such as Iceland and Switzerland.

Switzerland, where the company is based, has very stringent privacy laws. Though it is not part of the Five Eyes international surveillance alliance, the country cooperates with counties that are members concerning law enforcement requests. Switzerland also does not require VPNs to keep user logs, and Proton VPN has a strict no-data-logging policy.

Security features

Kill switch and split tunneling – here, you will remain protected in those moments when you lose connection with the VPN for one reason or another. Proton’s kill switch feature will automatically shut down all your web traffic; the most effective plan B you will ever have.

Split tunneling ensures that two tunnels for web traffic are created; one goes directly to your ISP akin to when you are not using a VPN, and the other through the encrypted VPN tunnel. This feature, for example, would make it possible for you to watch Netflix via servers in the USA, but use your browser as if you were still in Spain. This feature is available for Windows and Android systems.

Unfortunately, it lacks WireGuard.

WireGuard is present in most VPNs to ensure that your data is safe and secure, suing Cryptokey. Even though ProtonVPN has put in place measures to ensure that its clientele’s data is safe and secure, lacking WireGuard is a bit of a downside, as it is in many ways the industry standard.


Independently and without comparison, the number of servers that ProtonVPN has should prove to be more than sufficient. However, when compared to other VPNs that offer the same services, ProtonVPN has fewer servers. This limits your choice of location as well as having an impact on traffic density.

It’s suitable for Windows.

We measured the different speeds when and when not using ProtonVPN, and the results show that the latter is best, especially when it comes to the Windows operating system. Downloading speeds, for Mac, decrease by about eighty percent but remain above 60 Mbps, which is still a lot. For Windows, though, the download speeds decrease by 42 percent and remain above 90 Mbps.

Upload speeds tell the same story. Our results concluded that the speeds decrease by 10 percent on a Mac, while on Windows, it only decreases by 4 percent.

As you’d expect, Ping speeds reiterate the same; with the Mac, the latency increased by 1 millisecond, while on Windows, it increased by only 2 milliseconds. There, Proton is particularly spectacular, and it shows that you can still use the VPN when gaming.


Unlike other VPNs, Proton has some very distinct packages that have different upsides; free, basic, and Plus. Free, as the name would suggest, is free to use, but only in three counties. Spain, though, is not part of these three countries, and thus you cannot get the free edition in Spain.

The Basic package is available in all counties. With it, you will be able to use one account on a maximum of two devices simultaneously. You will also get P2P servers, though you can only use the servers that have been classified as free or basic.

Plus is the pick of the litter, the crème de la crème, so to speak. It is available in all counties, and you can use up to five devices simultaneously. You also get P2P servers, and you can use all the servers.

Pricing – Proton VPN offers some very appealing packages in terms of pricing. For the Basic package, you pay 5 dollars a month. The annual subscription will cost you 48 dollars a year. ProtonVPN Plus package will cost you 10 dollars a month and 96 dollars a year.

It does not have a browser extension – unfortunately, Proton does not offer a browser extension at the moment. This could change in the very near future.

ExpressVPN is a VPN because of its quality and efficiency, whose reputation precedes it, and we consider it one of the best VPN in Spain. It boasts a huge global footprint and has excellent privacy practices concerning your data.

With ExpressVPN, you will be able to connect with up to five devices simultaneously. We’ve seen that this appears to be an average amongst most VPNs. ExpressVPN also does not have WireGuard but instead is focused on OpenVPN, which pretty much does the same thing. It also has its own protocol called Lightway, which is just as effective and efficient.


ExpressVPN has its headquarters in the British Virgin Islands, which has no data retention laws. This means that the VPN is under the data laws that govern the rest of the EU. Ergo, you do not have to worry too much about how your data is handled.

Split tunneling – ExpressVPN allows you to designate the traffic and whether it should flow through the VPN or not. This is very useful for activities such as gaming and streaming media, both of which require a lot of bandwidth but are low risk, and you can thus avoid using a VPN on them.

ExpressVPN does not provide access to the Tor anonymization network, making it possible to bounce your traffic request through several volunteer intermediaries before setting the destination, thus giving you more privacy. Even though Tor anonymization is not compulsory, you’d still want to have it if you pay for a VPN.


It boasts a large and diverse distribution of servers

When creating the list of the best VPNs in Spain, we considered the number of servers each VPN has and their geographical distribution. Using this criterion, ExpressVPN passed with flying colors.

A large number of servers, and their distribution, ensure that you will not lack a place where you can route to. Especially in Europe and the US, there are many servers and even multiple ones in the same country.


Aesthetic appeal is something on which the designers and creators of ExpressVPN have, without a doubt, spent a lot of time and effort. The VPN is not only easy to use, but it is also stylish and has a chic look about it.

Premium pricing –  For ExpressVPN, you will have to pay 12.95 dollars a month, 59.95 dollars every six months, or 99.95 dollars annually to get its services. As you can see, this is comparably costlier compared to the other VPNs on this list.

It has no free version nor ad-blocker.

Ad blockers have become a ubiquitous feature regarding VPNs, and thus to us, it came as a bit of a surprise to find that Express did not have any ad-blocker feature. It also does not have a free version, and so you will have to pay before you know what you are paying for. Worry not, though, this VPN has a thirty-day guaranteed money-back policy, and we found it to work effectively.

Aesthetically, Hotspot Shield VPN is one of the best around. This, coupled with the fact that it is one of the best free VPNs in Spain, makes it, in general, one of the best out there. Hotspot Shield has a variety of services that go far beyond VPN protection. It has an impressive number of servers worldwide, which gives you more options when it comes to spoofing.


Protocols – Hotspot Shield VPN has integrated a couple of different protocols to different operating systems. It has adopted WireGuard with the Linux version of the VPN, while other operating systems such as android and Mac use OpenWire, which is just as good. However, WireGuard will likely be adopted to other Operating systems as well.

Hotspot Shield VPN does gather some of your data. The said data is significant, but it is also anonymous. Still, you want to have peace of mind knowing that your data is safe and secure, and Hotspot Shield VPN does not offer any of these guarantees.


Hotspot Shield VPN has stated that it has servers in over 80 countries, a very strong selection. What is more impressive, though, is the location of the said servers; four African countries and in South America, with both being regions that most VPN companies ignore.  This VPN also provides servers in regions like Russia, Vietnam, China, and Turkey.


Though it has a subscription-based package, the main reason why Hotspot Shield VPN is so popular is that it has a free subscription tier. Of course, this tier does have some limitations, but they are way better compared to others.

The free tier’s limitation is that you will be restricted to only using servers that Hotspot Shield VPN has in the US, you can only use one device, and the bandwidth limitation is 500MBs per day. This is very generous compared to other VPNs.

If you opt to get the paid version of Hotspot Shield VPN, you will also get free subscriptions to 1Passwrod password manager, where you will be able to link all your online passwords into one account, Identity Guard identity theft protection service, and Robo Shield call-blocker. Hotspot Shield VPN parent company also offers an antivirus product for an additional 5.99 dollars on a monthly subscription or 39.99 dollars on an annual subscription.

At 12.99 dollars a month, which is basically 13 dollars, Hotspot Shield VPN is a lot more expensive than other VPNs of its caliber. The premium subscription costs 95.88 dollars a year. There is also a premium family plan, which costs 143.88 dollars annually.

The free version in throttled and Monetization

Hotspot Shield VPN takes unusual measures to throttle free accounts to a meager 2 Mbps, which is extremely low, even if you use a mobile device. The free version that is downloadable to android devices is monetized; there are targeted ads, which can prove to be really cumbersome and irksome.

Why do you need a VPN in Spain?

The European Union has mass surveillance of the internet, and thus, if you are not using a VPN, you can be assured that the Spanish government is collecting your data through the devices you are using. This may be pretty hard to fathom, but it is the truth.

The VPN gives you privacy. In Spain, if you are caught downloading or illegally streaming any form of copyrighted art, then there are some pretty severe repercussions you will have to face. To avoid this, simply find a VPN that works best for you. With a VPN, all your internet traffic is incepted, meaning that neither your internet service provider, ISP, nor any other person will be able to snoop around your online activities.

Spain’s position in the National Cyber Security Index is high; 6 place. It also ranks 4th on the global cybersecurity index. All this means that Spain is pretty secure when it comes to the internet. However, hackers and entities with malicious intent are always working on new ways to get what they want, and you can never be too careful. This is the reason why you need a VPN when using the internet in Spain.

VPNs also make it possible for you to access sites blocked in Spain or sites only available in Spain.

Popular websites visited in Spain.

  • Antena3

Most of these sites are sports sites that have rights to Spanish football, which is big worldwide.

Popular websites that are restricted in Spain

  • Some social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, are restricted or have some of their contents, such as Catalan nationalism, restricted.
  • All torrents and Torrenting sites are blocked.
  • Political media, such as Catalan publications, or publications from other parts of the world that speak of Catalan nationalism, are blocked or restricted.
  • All sexually explicit content is banned.

Netflix and other streaming services also have geographical restrictions, and there are some shows that you cannot access when in Spain or can only access when you are in Spain. A VPN will be able to make it seem that you are not in Spain but the country of your choosing, and thus watch all the shows you want

As mentioned earlier, Torrenting is illegal in Spain if you make money from it. Pornography is also illegal.  In the case of the former, you will be liable to fines of between 300 and 1000 euros for every movie that your torrent. For pornography, you will face jail time of between 6 months and 2 years. It is possible to avoid all this if you simply use a VPN.

Frequently Asked Questions, FAQs

Is it legal to have a VPN in Spain?

Yes, it is perfectly legal to have a VPN in Spain.

How to set up a VPN in Spain?

Most VPNs, in fact, all the VPNs we listed, are pretty straightforward in setting up. All you have to do is go to Google Play Store if you want the VPN on your phone or the VPN’s official website, where you can download it directly.

Most major VPNs accept credit and debit cards and PayPal as a mode of payment. Some of them may even accept cryptocurrencies as payment, though the value of cryptocurrencies fluctuates a bit.

Which VPNs have Spain Servers?

  • Surfshark
  • NordVPN
  • ProtonVPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • HotSpotShieldVPN
  • CyberGhost
  • IPVanish
  • Private Internet Access
  • PureVPN

Which VPN has a Spain server for free?

As mentioned earlier, HotSpotShieldVPN has a free Spanish server and one that you can use for up to 500 MBs per day, which is a lot for a free server. Tunnel Bear VPN also has a free Spain server.

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