The Best VPNs for Germany

Regardless of where we might be, we need a good VPN. Sometimes we find ourselves in Germany. Data encryption, our IP address concealment, and browsing history privacy are still important to us. But what is the best VPN for Germany? Read on for our review of the best VPN in Germany. Although we can’t tell you which one will be best for you, we know you’ll find the right one here.

The Best VPN Services in Germany

An Overview of Germany

Before we get to detailed information concerning VPNs let’s take a quick look at Germany’s overview.

Jurisdiction Characteristics

Political culture


Main IT hub location


Data protection registration

Not required

Data protection officers appointment

Not required

Data transfer to 3rd party disclosure

Consent required

Unlawful disclosure of sensitive information

10% of the company’s annual domestic turnover

VPN allowance

It’s legal no need to report

Downloading copyrighted content

Not allowed

Detailed Overview of the Best VPN for Germany

Founded in Panama, NordVPN is external to the prying eyes of surveillance organizations. Despite being in Panama, the corporate office is still in Germany. We could choose from 240 secure servers based on the location of our office. Through the use of a VPN and multi-hop VPN technologies, our data was extremely secure. However, in addition to protecting us, the software also gave us access to Netflix, lightning-fast torrent download speeds, and total anonymity.

Unmatched Security

Despite the censorship of the internet, NordVPN’s founders believe they want to provide the internet free from surveillance. Because NordVPN is headquartered in Panama, a country that rejected the Three Eyes, Nine Eyes, and 14 Eyes surveillance alliance, NordVPN cannot be forced to hand over our data to government authorities. Furthermore, as a company with 8 million users, NordVPN has never had a data breach, compromised its privacy infrastructure, or disclosed any information about any of its users in eight years.

Lots of Servers

It is important to note that NordVPN has more than 5200 servers worldwide, of which 240 are located in Berlin and Frankfurt. This is an enormous number of servers, but what does that mean in practical terms? It meant we could get a safe, secure, and totally private Internet connection wherever we roamed from Hamburg to Kiel to Munich to Erlangen.

Double VPN Encryption

How can a VPN with just one server be more secure? It must have two servers. Using multi-hop technology, NordVPN establishes a chain of servers between two or more. Hence, anyone tracing our IP address would need to decrypt at least two servers, not just one. You can’t get a greater level of security on the Internet than that. Whenever we watched a Netflix series or downloaded torrent files, we were anonymous.

While Surfshark may be cheap, it certainly doesn’t skimp on security. This VPN is dedicated to privacy and has several security features. In addition to 256-bit encryption and a kill switch (on all platforms), this VPN offers protection against DNS leaks, WebRTC leaks, and IPv6 leaks, automatic ad blocking and malware scanning, and even the option to scramble your traffic. However, Surfshark does not keep any logs, so you can remain anonymous, even if your activities are tracked.

Secure surfing is not Surfshark’s only feature. Thanks to the high speed, several of the most stubborn services in foreign countries can be unblocked with this service. You shouldn’t have any problems streaming Netflix USA or BBC iPlayer in Germany because your IP address is likely to match the one in Germany. Live chat is the best way to reach customer support for any questions or issues, however.

Surfshark has Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS, and Linux apps. Manually installing it on compatible routers is also possible.

Military-Grade Encryption

Surfshark’s servers use AES 256-bit encryption to protect all traffic. A decoding attempt at this level would be impossible without existing keycodes. There is no brute force method of reducing encryption to this level. This encryption standard is widely used by both military and international governments to protect their private information.

Users of Android devices have the option of using ChaCha20 encryption. When you activate ChaCha20 with the IKEv2 protocol, you will be able to enjoy faster speeds (such as HD streaming).

All apps have Kill Switch

You can’t browse the internet until your VPN connection is established again. When Surfshark switched servers, its kill switch reversed traffic on an Android phone, iPhone, Windows PC, and Mac.

In contrast to some VPNs, Surfshark allows you to turn off the automatic kill switch in the “General Settings” menu. The kill switch should be left on at all times if you want the highest level of security.

Strict No-Logs Policy

The Surfshark privacy statement is easy to understand, concise, and clear to read. Good VPNs should provide you with that type of information. The default setting prevents tracking, logging, or sharing any identifying information, such as browsing history, IP address, and other information about your browsing.

The company collects your email address, password (encrypted), and payment information. If you do not feel comfortable having this information on file, you can sign up with a throwaway email address and pay with cryptocurrency. In addition, you can email the support team to request that your personal information be edited or deleted.

Our network of servers is located in 26 countries, including Panama, where we operate from. Despite the limited number of servers, it is not hard to use multiple devices simultaneously.


Artificial Intelligence meets Cyber Security. As long as possible, this feature enables the VPN to select the closest server and Privacy’s the traffic within the encrypted network. It depends on the VPN destination, which external IP address changes, and ideally no traffic leaks out. Perfect Privacy’s algorithm adapts to changes in routing, making it one of the most secure VPN services available in the UK.


By securing two or more VPN servers together, a multi-hop VPN adds a layer of encryption to your normal VPN connection. It too enhances the privacy provided by the single-server VPN connection. Rest assured that your information is protected.

Stealth VPN

China and other countries where VPN traffic is restricted are the primary target market for this feature. The transmission rate does not decrease, and the data is secured with a powerful cryptographic algorithm.


The VPN server runs an ad blocker that filters out some phishing and advertising domains directly. Hence, malware tracking cookies, phishing websites, and annoying, inappropriate content are all prevented.

Perfect Privacy Security

With Perfect Privacy, you can customize a variety of security options.

It uses both OpenVPN and IKEv2 / IPSec, which are highly secure. It’s probably safe to use IKEv2 / IPSec over OpenVPN since it’s open-source. However, IKEv2 does have a slight advantage as it’s open-source. AES-256 cipher is the industry standard and essentially unbreakable, and we recommend using it. The service also includes the Kill Switch feature, which is indispensable.

Perfect Privacy Jurisdiction and Privacy Policy

The Perfect Privacy VPN service operates from Panama, which is not a member of the 14 Eyes. The service does not record any personal information about its users, thus its name. That means neither your browsing information nor your IP address, nor even your bandwidth usage is recorded.

Perfect Privacy Speed

Privacy is kept perfectly (see what we did there?), but speed compromises. Speed may drop by up to 25% with multi-hop configurations, but this is mostly due to network congestion.

Perfect Privacy Streaming and Torrenting

VPN services like this aren’t designed to unblock streaming sites like Netflix and BBC iPlayer. Despite its poor streaming performance, torrenting appeared to have made up for it.

Perfect Privacy’s servers allow P2P traffic, with a few exceptions, such as US-based servers. While you torrent, it surely keeps you safe, but speed may still be an issue.

Perfect Privacy Ease of Use

Desktop applications have a wide range of configuration options. It’s, therefore, an attractive option for advanced users, but this VPN service is not intended for beginners. After a bit of a learning curve, you will become more comfortable with it. Remember that you’ll need to disconnect manually from each server.

Nuclear physicists developed a VPN based in Switzerland in underground bunkers. It was safe to store our data on their servers as they are not members of any Five Eyes or Nine Eyes organizations and hold only minimal data on their servers.

Privacy Policy

ProtonVPN maintains strict confidentiality policies for all information you provide, other than payment details, email addresses, and support requests. Upon the expiration of a subscription, each of the company’s records is encrypted and deleted. As a result, this VPN service is one of the most private.

Split Tunneling

Split tunneling allows our traffic to be routed through a VPN only for a small portion, while the remainder remains on public Wi-Fi. In addition to watching Netflix over Wi-Fi, ProtonVPN also enables you to browse the web safely over a VPN while streaming. With split tunneling, you can increase your streaming speed.

Fast Connection

The fact that it has advanced security, makes it impressive that ProtonVPN can stream videos without slowing the internet down. ProtonVPN slowed down our Mac’s and PC’s download speed by respectively 42 and 87 percent. However, both computers reached 60 Mbps despite their slow speeds. We only saw a 4% and 10% decline in PC upload speed, respectively. On a Mac, latency is only one percent higher, while two percent was higher on a PC. Gaming users and others searching for the best performance might want to consider ProtonVPN.

Kill switch

It won’t harm anyone to activate the kill switch. Kill switches, also called network locks, shut down your internet traffic during those times when your VPN connection is lost. They act as an automatic backup in case your VPN connection is lost.

Think about the situation when you have to torrent a large file that will take several hours to download. When you are connected to a VPN, you are protected from being tracked by your ISP if the VPN disconnects even for a moment. As a journalist, you also need to use kill switches to maintain your anonymity online. Either way, you need them, and fortunately, ProtonVPN offers them for Mac and Windows. offers users free access to five servers around the world. Two servers are in the United States, one each in the Netherlands, Canada, and Germany. Thus, this VPN is the best free VPN for Germany you could ever find.

As you would expect,’s security features are top-notch. A military-grade encryption system is used, and you get protection against DNS leaks. Kill switches are ever-ready to assist if you disconnect from this service as well.

The no-logs policy of means that nobody is recorded as they do not log anything related to your internet activities. You will have greater privacy this way. offers top-notch connection speeds, and it also lets you share and download torrent files.

Contrary to many VPN providers who prioritize their paying customers, allows users to contact customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Both major and minor operating systems are supported by this VPN service. This application is available for iOS, Android, Windows, and even BlackBerry as well as Linux. Data usage is generously limited to 10GB per month in the free version.

A downside of is that you can no longer access streaming services like Netflix. Netflix notices that you are watching a movie through a proxy when you try to access a movie through, and kicks you out of the service.

Kill switch

Many VPN providers offer a kill switch that will turn everything off if your connection with a VPN server is interrupted. As a result, we blocked the server’s IP address and forced the app process to exit in order to test the client’s reaction.

The first test resulted in mixed results. In spite of the IP address being blocked, ping commands continued to run on the router, indicating not all of the IP addresses were blocked. As long as the kill switch is functioning, it will display unreachable errors or time-outs, however that is not happening here. Disabling DNS immediately resolved the issue. Even though it covers some gaps in case your connection breaks, it does not cover them all.

The kill switch was triggered a short time after the process had been killed in the second test as well. Although these measures are in place, there still remains a small risk window, which is not ideal. In comparison with the last test, there was a much smaller window of opportunity.

Both tests showed the kill switch off the VPN to be not failproof, so if you’re using it for sensitive tasks, be cautious. It may go out of commission in certain situations.


Located far from the Five Eyes alliance, Malaysia is an exotic location for VPN, and is also far from the Five Eyes alliance. VPN providers are not required to store data in Malaysia due to the absence of laws requiring them to do so. By offering this service, users can remain anonymous.

Privacy policy for states that all data is encrypted and that logs are not kept. This product does not seem to store any information regarding connections or exchanges. This means that no data will be collected from your online activities.

Various security features available

VPNs include a feature known as Stealth Guard that makes certain applications and services unavailable except when the VPN is connected.

Using a VPN can prevent you from compromising your privacy while using a service or application.

If necessary, you can configure custom DNS in addition to creating random ports, sometimes called Dynamic or Ephemeral Ports. Your ISP will have a harder time tracking and blocking your connection when you use a VPN.

German VPNs: What You Should Look For

1. Verified no-logging policy

Your personal data or any record of your online activity should not be stored by a good VPN. This is especially important if you torrent.

2. Topnotch encryption

The encryption should be of military-grade, AES 256-bit. With features like Double VPN and Onion over VPN, available in top VPNs, along with secure tunneling protocols (e.g. OpenVPN, IKEv2), this encryption is reinforced. You cannot be watched online by anyone, not even your ISP or other people using the same wireless network as you.

3. Servers in Germany

A VPN that has at least one German server will allow you to access German TV networks and websites.

4. Servers in other countries

Servers located in the country that each website is based can only access Geo-restricted websites. Netflix and Hulu, for example, run on US servers, and the BBC runs on UK servers.

In addition to having servers in your home country, your VPN should also have servers in Germany if you are traveling there. Having access to your favorite content and bank accounts back home is important.

5. High connection speeds and P2P support

Streaming services, gaming, and torrenting all rely on fast servers. To protect your anonymity when torrenting, make sure your VPN supports P2P activities.

6. Advanced security features

Among the features to look for are DDoS attack protection, DNS/IPv6 leak protection, and a kill switch. Split tunneling allows you to directly access local services or devices without turning off the VPN, which is very valuable if you need to access local devices or services.

Although you can get some of these features from many paid VPN services, the best VPN services give you unlimited, fully private internet access in Germany.


What precisely goes into creating the best list such as this one? Usually, the process of evaluation is meticulous and lengthy. Our VPN evaluations are based on several very specific elements: speed, security, the features available, privacy policies, and pricing. Specifically, we wanted to know how many servers every company maintains in Germany, as well as where they sit. Based on an overall assessment of who performs the best in all five categories, we made our recommendations. There is no perfect VPN, but we believe our checklist has helped us determine the best options for Germany.


VPNs do, however, slow down internet access to some degree, but there is a significant difference in speed, and this kind of difference makes the difference between watching Netflix or simply accessing your office email in an airport lounge. Using, we investigate the upload speed, download speed, and ping (latency) of a VPN connection. We can determine the difference in percentages between the Optimum network result and the VPN result by connecting directly to both. Since the two types of devices already differ in speed and VPNs may impact their performance differently, we test on a PC and a Mac, even though we only use one device at a time. Any of these three categories shouldn’t see the VPN slowing down internet traffic by more than forty percent.


The security category is actually quite complex since it consists of a lot of different features (see below). A VPN can be tested for leaks by conducting specific tests. A leak is exactly what it sounds like: spots of a VPN that are vulnerable to leaking the information you send through DNS or WebRTC. Using, we run all VPNs through a program to check DNS leaks. A tool from ExpressVPN can be used to test WebRTC security.


The features of any VPN that contribute to protecting your privacy and security are the most important. There are different tools used by different companies for protecting privacy and security. AES-256 encryption, kill switches, dynamic IP addresses, split tunneling, and multi-hop are features we prefer in companies.

However, VPNs should also offer other features, so we look for those that provide easy access to Netflix and other streaming services, and provide torrenting tools. Last but not least, we are fans of companies with strong apps and good customer service.


It’s not just about having a secure internet connection that makes you feel protected. Cybersecurity goes beyond just ensuring our data is protected. The VPN company is also responsible for protecting your data. The places we go and what we do on the internet are ours alone, and that information is not accessible even by government agencies with good privacy practices.

In order to maintain privacy, what components are necessary? In the first place, we read the privacy policy of every VPN carefully. We prefer companies that maintain bare minimum account information, for instance, but most VPNs keep some personal information for billing purposes. Companies with a good reputation don’t log any information, including IP addresses, timestamps, or any other access information. We love it, even more, when companies are located in countries with strong privacy laws and do not belong to the Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, or 14 Eyes spying alliances. Our company can’t have to share information with a government sitting in such a country without our consent.


We then consider pricing and subscriptions, not simply looking for the most affordable companies, but also looking for value. A long-term plan may save you more money than a monthly subscription, so we need to find out which companies offer that. Consider also the number of simultaneous connections, the number of server switches, and the number of devices allowed by the VPN. In general, we prefer plans that offer discounts if you sign up for longer contracts and cost $10 a month or less.

Support Options

Many of us need support at some point. Finding good customer service has become harder in recent years. Our preference is to have a variety of ways of contacting support, including over the phone and by email.


Top-notch VPNs offer high levels of privacy and security. When browsing on your phone as well as on your laptop, it is equally important to protect your security. In addition to testing the apps on our own phones, we examine ratings and reviews for each Android and iPhone VPN app so we can be sure that most people are pleased with their service.


In addition to their well-arranged servers across the globe, these VPNs also offer quick and easy access to a fast connection from wherever we are. However, in this list, we focused specifically on German servers. Our picks bet on multiple servers throughout the country, usually in different locations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Is it Legal to Use a VPN in Germany?

Yes, The use of VPNs is completely legal in Germany. The country does not have any legislation that regulates VPN usage. You can use one legally without there being any repercussions, though there are exceptions.

How to Setup a VPN in Germany?

  • Signing up for a VPN should be your first step
  • Install the VPN software or download the app
  • Restart your device and clear your cookies
  • Start using the VPN client software
  • Navigate to the German server location.

Which VPNs have German servers?

  • NordVPN
  • Surfshark

Which VPN has Germany server for free?

Compared to other VPN providers in Germany, NordVPN is a risk-free option. In terms of server count, it is better than ExpressVPN with 5,800 servers. The service, however, is limited to 60 countries.

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